24 12 / 2013

12 Days Under $12 - E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner


E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner - $1 (shown here in Black)

TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Ok so if any of you have followed me from the beginning, you know I used to talk about E.L.F. makeup a lot. It’s great makeup for beginners, but as I’ve gotten older and learned more about makeup (and gotten better at it), I’ve left E.L.F. stuff behind and started buying some more quality products. BUT, this product is my one product I will purchase again and again. I wear liquid liner every day, and this dollar liner does the job perfectly. It’s pigmented, color payoff is awesome and the brush is so small and thin that you can literally create any size line and any size wing you want. If you’re looking for a good liquid liner, this one holds up after all these years, and even better than some high-end liners (Benefit’s Magic Ink eyeliner? Not so great). You can grab this magic little bottle at any Target or Walmart for $1.


23 12 / 2013

12 Days Under $12 - Large Hair Rollers

Forever 21 Large Hair Rollers - $2

Big hair is all the rage this season (and every season, let’s be honest), so one way to achieve the look is to set your hair in rollers. It’s better on your hair than heat styling and you’ll look hilarious. This set only comes with 8, so if you’ve got a lot of hair (like me), you’ll probably need more than one. But at $2 a pop, you won’t be killing your bank account. Perfect for the friend who needs to stop using so much heat on her poor hair (we all have one) (and sometimes, it’s us). Grab them at Forever 21 for $2

22 12 / 2013

12 Days Under $12 - Glam Lipstick


NYX Glam Lipstick Aqua Luxe - $3 (shown here in Holistic)

I’m a big fan of NYX lipsticks to begin with, but the Aqua Luxe line takes the cake. They’re sparkly and loud and perfect for those times when you KNOW you look good and want to command attention. The color payoff is wicked as well. The best part is that you can now buy NYX makeup at Target! Pick this one up for only $3.

21 12 / 2013

$12 Days Under $12 - Vitamin E Oil Stick

Reviva Labs Vitamin E Oil Stick - $4

We’re getting super close to the holiday! This stick is a real life-saver when it comes to winter dryness. It’s great for your lips as well as your eye areas. I use it between my eyebrows because that area is usually the driest on my face. I also use a little on my cheekbones near my ears, which is another area that gets dry. Grab this little treat at Ulta for $4!

20 12 / 2013

12 Days Under $12 - Tresemme` Flawless Curls Spray Gel


Tresemme` Flawless Curls Spray Gel - $5

The cool thing about this spray is that you can use it twice - once on the strand before you curl it, and once after you curl it to hold the curl. The gel part of it holds the shape without making your hair crunchy. A win-win for everybody involved. Get it at drugstores for $5.

19 12 / 2013

12 Days Under $12 - Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara

Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara in Lots of Lashes - $6

I used to use a lot of Maybelline, but I’ve felt like their products have sort of gone downhill. However, Great Lash mascara is something I will repurchase until I die. This particular version is great for ladies with short/thin lashes like mine. The secret is in the brush, I’ll tell you that for free. You can grab it at any drugstore for about $6.

18 12 / 2013

12 Days Under $12 - Covergirl Clean Liquid Foundation


Covergirl Clean Liquid Foundation for Sensitive Skin - $7

This might be a gift from you to you, since it’s pretty difficult to buy foundation for someone else. This foundation has buildable coverage while remaining light and soft. Perfect for sensitive skin. I like to put my moisturizer on first as a primer, and it holds up well with this product! You can get it at any drugstore or Ulta for $7.

17 12 / 2013

12 Days Under $12 - Body Butter

Ginger & Co. Soft on You Body Butter - $8

This body butter is out of this world. Put it on after a shower and not only will you be soft and smooth, but you’ll smell like heaven all day. Pick it up at Ulta for $8. Perfect for the person in your life who takes very good care of their skin, or the person who wants to start!

16 12 / 2013

12 Days Under $12 - Makeup Bag

Forever 21 Poka Dot Cosmetic Bag - $9

I like this bag because it’s plastic, so if anything spills in your bag, it won’t get ruined. The design is cute and girly, and it’s very roomy for the price. Perfect for the traveler in your family, or someone who just tends to sleep away from home a lot!

15 12 / 2013

12 Days Under $12 - Studded Nail Set


Demi Lovato Studded 3 Piece Nail Set - $10

This nail set is perfect for the person in your life who can rock any kind of nails. My sister is ridiculously talented at doing her nails, and I’ll probably get her this as a stocking stuffer. It might take a little while to master, but once they’ve got how to get the little beads on, they’ll be walking around with the coolest nails ever. Get this set (and others) for $10 at Ulta!